Formally we are known as RR Food Products (India) Pvt. Ltd. which was established in 1997. We are leading manufacturer of starch derivatives like liquid glucose (20 M.T./Day), Maltodextrine powder (25 M.T./Day) high maltose syrup (10 M.T./Day), Non dairy creamer (15 M.T./Day) in Uttar Pradesh. We are engaged in production of above items since last 3 years and in 2012 the company had also installed starch plant in Lucknow.

The starch products are made from high grade quality of raw materials and are used in Textile, Paper, Food, Pharma and many other allied industries. We are well equipped to operate a business in today’s competitive market, right from a strong infrastructure setup, research and development team, to a robust supply chain and customer care department. With the globalization taking place, we have spread our presence around the world. In order to make our business proactive and capable of sustaining the stiff competition, we have updated the technology in every sphere of our business.